About Me

I am James Jia, a Master's student with a concentration in Data Science and Systems at University of California, Berkeley.

Currently, I am working on porting BIDData onto Apache Spark.

Last summer, I interned at Box on the caching team, working on a distributed health check service for memcached called MCDoctor.

Before then, I worked at Apple as a software engineering intern where I designed a screen capturing module for multi-machine automation and a cross-functional reporting system for automated test results.

Learn Algebra

Learn Algebra is an Android application that features tailored lessons and algorithmically generated problems with step by step explanations.

Learn more at ExEquals


Share is an Android app for your watch and phone that enhances your social experience with creating new connections. It minimizes the awkwardness of exchanging contacts while maximizing engagement with the information they need right now. Share also gives unprecedented insight into how your audience is interacting with the content you shared.

View the code on Github!